History of Apples

Apples have influenced  in more ways than just for food.  Throughout history, apples have been used to symbolize human emotions and temptations through religion, mythology and folktales. Love, beauty,health, passion, knowledge, immortality, sexuality, pleasure and wealth have all been linked to apples. The irresistibility and desire of fruit has coincided with conflict, marriage, sin and paradise.

The legend of Johnny [Appleseed] tells of a man of solidarity and peace, who traveled throughout Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio planting trees and apple orchards. Johnny carried very little with him, wore no shoes and wore a metal cooking pan atop his head. His kind and gentle nature was noticeable to all those around him.

It is also said the Sir Isaac Newton began research into his theories on gravitation after watching an apple fall from a tree. With these wide-ranging stories of legend, myth and imagination, it appears that man’s fascination with apples in particular, extends far beyond the many varieties and uses that accompany this fascinating fruit.

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